How To Insert Tire Irons the Easy Way

How To Insert Tire Irons the Easy Way

Mousse Tire Change Troubleshooting Lesson #1

The Problem: Can not get the bloody tire irons between the rim and tire.

Yes, a tire with a mousse insert can be tough to dismount. And especially the first part of getting the tire irons inserted. Some tricks can make it easier. The first thing is to use a suitable tire irons. If a tire iron is too thick, it can be barely impossible to get them between the rim and tire. If a tire iron is too slim, it can be bent or even snapped. When using the Rabaconda Pro Tire Iron, it is better to use the straight end for dismounting a tire. The straight end is stronger and has a better angle for dismounting.

The #1 priority is to get the tire bead pushed off the rim as far as possible to have enough space for inserting a tire iron. Move the bead breaker close to the rim with just a few millimeters separating them. Grab the green Rabaconda bead breaker handle from the far end and push it down with your whole body weight. Simultaneously insert a tire iron with the other hand. It is best done with a single strong stroke. The tire iron should be inserted right next to the bead breaker.

Click here to watch our Mousse Change Troubleshooting Lesson #1 on Youtube.

Beginner tip: When breaking the tire bead, make sure you are not pressing on top of the rim lock. The rim lock should be positioned straight across from the bead breaker system.

Pro tip: With an extremely hard motocross and rally tires and foam insert tubes try pointing the tire iron diagonally under the bead breaker. The largest gap is always right under there.

Frequent mistake: Unless dealing with a very soft or small bib mousse, focussing your effort on the tire iron will reduce the chances of getting them inserted. The majority of your effort should be directed towards the bead breaker lever to get a maximum gap between the tire and rim.

1. Choose suitable tire irons. With Rabaconda Pro Tire Irons use the straight end.
2. Focus your energy towards the bead breaker. Tire iron comes second.
3. Try inserting tire iron diagonally.

In case you are still experiencing difficulties with this step, leave us a comment or post a video reply under the Youtube video. We will do our best to find a cure for you!


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