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About Us

Our Story

Dread changing your tires? A decade ago, so did we – but thanks to Rabaconda, tire-changing is now a fast and fun garage pastime for us and more than 40,000 happy riders worldwide.

Back in 2012, Rabaconda co-founders Jakob and Tonu, two enduro-obsessed riding buddies, set out on a mission to make tire changing hassle-free once and for all. Being avid riders and dirt maniacs with a knack for engineering and innovative thinking, Jakob and Tonu developed Rabaconda’s flagship product, the Dirt Bike Tire Changer. The process entailed plenty of trial and error, but the Dirt Bike Tire Changer soon became a revolutionary tool enabling riders to change their own tires quickly and effortlessly. Ever since, Rabaconda has been changing the riders’ lives around the world – three minutes at a time.

Rabaconda is all about rider-developed designs. Since the inception of the Dirt Bike Tire Changer, we’ve always paid attention to crowd creation and feedback from riders and mechanics resulting in better quality and finely tuned details appreciated by pro racers and everyday riders alike. For the last decade, The Dirt Bike Tire Changer has been favored by the US racing team at ISDE, and we’re stoked to see our tools being put to good use in over 60 countries worldwide.

We haven’t stopped innovating: refusing to rest on our laurels and listening to riders’ needs, we recently came out with our newest product, the Street Bike Tire Changer. Aimed at cruiser, sport, touring, sport touring, and adventure motorcycle owners, the Street Bike Tire Changer is increasingly popular among the street crowd. Whether you own a Harley, a CBR, or a Goldwing, the Street Bike Tire Changer is designed to make your tire-changing process smooth and fast.
Here at Rabaconda, we focus on delivering innovative, quality, and compact portable tire tools for the powersports industry that help make the process of changing a tire easier than ever before, and we don't intend to stop any time soon.

Fun fact

If you’re wondering what “Rabaconda” means, the name is based on a mythical snake-like creature said to favor nesting near off-road trails…in other words, it’s something you’re bound to encounter trail or road-side whenever you need to change your tires.

Meet the team

 Tõnu, Rabaconda


The co-founder and engineer behind the Rabaconda products, Tonu’s domain is product development, manufacturing, quality control, and after-sales services. With a master’s degree in production engineering from the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tonu is obsessed with clever designs and superior quality.

Having learned to ride bikes before he learned to walk, Tonu is a 5-time Estonian and Baltic champion and a 3-time member of the Estonian Trophy Team at the International Six Days of Enduro. In other words, he’s either tinkering with the newest Rabaconda innovations or spending quality braap time out on the trails.


Jakob, Rabaconda


A seasoned entrepreneur who has been involved in global sales and marketing for most of his professional life, Jakob is the co-founder of Rabaconda responsible for business development.

With a master’s degree in international business from the Copenhagen Business School, Jakob is an avid rider often found in his natural habitat ripping up dirt on the trails and competing at enduro races. That, or testing out yet another bike setup to see whether he can beat Rabaconda’s own record of changing tires in three minutes or less..


Vero, Rabaconda


Vero is Rabaconda’s central administrative and customer service powerhouse keeping everyone and everything on track. Brilliant and passionate about customer service, Vero is fluent in three languages, has a degree in business, and is known to make anything happen.

When she’s not being her usual cheerful and unstoppable self at Rabaconda, Vero loves participating in triathlons and walks in the countryside with her two faithful puppies.


Kadi, Rabaconda


The CFO at Rabaconda, Kadi is our number-crunching genius responsible for the financial department. With a background in business and extensive experience working as a CFO in the health industry, Kadi oversees our financial planning and analytics. When out of office, Kadi can be found zooming around on a golf course.


Jackson, Rabaconda


The head honcho of global marketing at Rabaconda, Jackson is responsible for day-to-day marketing magic and the larger sales and marketing strategy. Leading our growing US-based team, Jackson has a business degree from the University of Iowa and readily confesses to spending most of his free time on two wheels having grown up riding motocross.


Keiu, Rabaconda


Responsible for handling customer service on social media, managing sponsorship requests, and negotiating deals, Keiu is our communications and website content whizz with a background in international marketing and sales.



Alar Hansson

Alar is Rabaconda’s mastermind behind supply chain functions, sourcing, logistics, and purchasing. With a degree in mechanical engineering, Alar is also involved in new product development and supplier selection.



From October 1, 2014 to September 30, 2015, Rabaconda OÜ received marketing grant from the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency's "Start-up grant," an entrepreneur growth support program.