What's in the kit?

First, there is the Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer. We have also included two different types of tire irons. There is a PRO Tire Iron Set of five tire irons and in addition there are two pieces of monstrous 17" Tire Spoons! These are best for bigger adventure tires. The kit includes all the possible spindle sizes and adaptors for the more common adventure and dual-sport bike wheels. The 12-18mm spindle is generally for smaller and/or older Japanese bikes and the 58mm Adapter is used for BMW GS shaft-drive type wheels.


Does it work on alloy wheels?

The tire changer is designed to be used with spoked wheels. We've heard that some riders also use it on alloy wheels, covering the wheel supports with soft material (garden hose) in order not to scratch the rims and spread the wheel supports so that the sides of the rim rest on the wheel supports. However, we have not tested it on alloy wheels and cannot recommend it.


Is it worth it?

Here’s some simple calculations:

On average, riders like your awesome self:

  • own 2-3 bikes,
  •  change tires 2-3 times a year,
  •  and pay roughly $31+ per wheel at a shop or a dealer.

 Sounds like you? If it does, owning a Rabaconda pays for itself in 2 years or less!


Do I need to balance the tire?

It depends. If you ride for longer periods at 60mph or faster on asphalt, then yes. If you ride knobby tires and on mostly gravel roads, off-road and only occasionally on asphalt, then there is no need to balance the tire. (For example Jakob, Rabaconda co-founder, rides 30% on asphalt and 70% on gravel and off-road and he never balances his KTM 790 Adventure R tires). 


How do I balance the tire?

You can use a typical manual tire balancer. There are many of them on the market, starting from a fairly low price. It takes between 5-10 minutes to balance a tire depending on your skill level. Also, there are loads of videos on YouTube for clear how-to instructions on balancing your tire.


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