How to Dismount a Hard Motorcycle Tire

How to Dismount a Hard Motorcycle Tire

Tire Change Troubleshooting Lesson #2

With a hard tire and a mouse insert set up, it can be challenging to get the first part of the tire dismounted. The risks involve damaging the tire, hurting yourself, breaking the tire tools, and having a grumpy mood for the remaining of the day. Using these tricks should make the task of dismounting a motorcycle tire an easy one.

Positioning the tire irons

The harder the tire, the more tire irons should be used, and the distance between the tire irons should be smaller. In this video, we have a slightly too big mousse insert for the tire which makes it pretty hard to get it dismounted. Motocross tires are generally harder to change compared to enduro, adventure bike and street tires.

Giving tire enough room to come over

The first thing is to make sure that the tire bead has been pushed off the rim all the way around it from both sides. To allow the first tire iron dismount the tire bead, the tire should be pushed down into rim’s drop center 180 degrees across from where the tire irons are. This helps the tire to move off the center towards the tire irons and hence giving enough space to come over the rim.

Beginner tip: Use the straight end of the Rabaconda Pro Tire Iron for dismounting. The straight end is stronger, has a better angle for dismounting a tire, and will easily slide out after use. Leave the curved end for tire mounting.

Pro tip: Flip the tire irons that are in the middle first. This will increase the chance of other tire irons staying in place. If pulling one on the sides first, then the others are more likely to slide out.


  1. Break the tire bead fully on both sides
  2. Push tire down 180 degrees from the tire irons
  3. Use the straight end of the Rabaconda Pro Tire Iron


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