ADV Legends Are Choosing Rabaconda. Are you?

ADV Legends Are Choosing Rabaconda. Are you?

Is it That Time Of The Year, when you know it’s time to shoe your motorcycle anew but you just can’t seem to find the will or the energy to do it?

Funny thing is, you’re not alone, and in fact, even ADV legends hate changing tires with bare tire levers and an iron will alone. Don’t believe us? RTW Paul, a veteran adventure rider and world traveler who used to build custom bikes from scratch and has been known to patch tires with animal skins while traveling Central Asia’s remote wilderness (OK, OK, we might have made this one up, but then, who knows) has confessed that Rabaconda is a game-changer.

Paul has recently reviewed the Rabaconda ADV kit on ADV Rider, musing on the ease of changing his hardened Dunlop Trailmax tires for a new set of MotoZ’s.

I found the machine easy to use and understand, making a tire change at home easiera lot quicker, and not being on the floor or using a bucket as a stand”, Paul shared.

“The reason it took me five minutes to change the tires instead of three is that I was taking off a very stiff Dunlop Trailmax Mission that had been mounted for over a year and had 14,000 miles on it. The tire I’m replacing it with is a MotoZ GPS, another very stiff and tough to change tire. Overall, I’m very impressed. With the cost of getting a tire changed at a shop in the $30-50 range or sometimes more if you don’t take the wheel off yourself, any rider with a bike or three will recoup the expense in decent time and the machine is very well made and durable so I would expect it to last a lifetime of regular home use
”, Paul commented.

Read the complete review by clicking here!

If adventure riding legends like RTW Paul find Rabaconda extremely useful, think of the wonders it can do for us mere mortals. No more sweating and swearing prying your stiff ADV sidewalls of the rim, no more schlepping to a nearby dealer when you just can’t get the damn thing off, and no more busted knuckles or damaged rims as you battle your way through another excruciating tire change session in your garage.

Take a peek at our Rabaconda ADV kit now, and if you’ve still got questions, shoot us an email – or, better yet, get on ADV Rider forum and ask RTW Paul some questions yourself. Make sure to inquire about those animal skin tire patches, too – we bet the story is true!

Rabaconda ADV Kit

Happy riding,
Team Rabaconda


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