Honda Goldwing DIY Tire Change: Step-by-Step Guide

by Jakob Saks
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Honda Goldwing DIY Tire Change: Step-by-Step Guide

Here at Rabaconda, we always test our product before offering it to riders. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to change a Dunlop American Elite tire on a Honda Goldwing and replace it with a Dunlop SportMax.



Both of these tires are notoriously stiff, so before we recommend our Street Bike Tire Changer to all you cruiser, tourer, V-twin, and sport tourer riders, we’re going to see if we can change tough tires with our tool - and just how long it takes.

First off, do you need any special adapters for Honda Goldwing wheels if you have our Street Bike Tire Changer? The answer is no - the stepped busher that’s included in the kit works just fine.

Now for the bead. Breaking a stubborn bead may seem tricky, but Rabaconda gets the job done in seconds - simply push the bead away from the rim, rotate, give it a push again, flip the wheel, and repeat. To dismount the tire, be sure to use plenty of soap water (not bead grease - grease has that gluey effect to seal the bead). In fact, put some soap water on the duck head itself, too - it’ll help! It’s also important to get the tire into the drop center from the opposite side. The Dunlop is a beast to wrangle, but with a little effort, it does come off pretty quickly.

What about mounting?

Before you mount the tire, pay attention to its direction - there’s nothing more annoying than mounting a tire and realising it’s the wrong way around!

Next, be generous with bead grease. Use the ratchet system to mount one side. For the second side, get the tire on the bead breaker diagonally. Warm the tire up before mounting to make it easier and add some more grease on the bead and the duck head so the friction is minimal.

To dismount the tire, be sure to use plenty of soap water (not bead grease - grease has that gluey effect to seal the bead).

Finally, use at least two drop center tools, support the machine with your foot, and use the ratchet system to mount the tire. It’s a tough job with a tire this stiff, and we freely admit to breaking a sweat and featuring some heavy breathing more known from other movies - but, as you can see, it can be done, and it takes a hell of a lot faster than going into a tire shop.

So does a Rabaconda change a stiff Dunlop AE on a Goldwing? You bet it does! It’s more of a struggle compared to changing soft tires, true. But the job’s done within 12 minutes!

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by Jakob Saks


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