KTM 790 Adventure R Front Tire Change (With Air Tube)

So you’ve got an adventure bike, for example, KTM 790 Adventure R, using air tubes for lower pressure, and you’re wondering whether the Rabaconda tire changer is the right tool for you?

Instead of telling you that it is, we’ll show you.

In the video below, our co-founder Jakob Saks is changing a tubed KTM 790 Adventure R tire with our Street Bike Tire Changer, and as you can see, the job’s done in very little time.


Going to give it a go? Here are some useful tips for using Rabaconda on your own:

  • Remove the air from the wheel
  • Use the wheel support under the tire and rim
  • Use the adapter to center the wheel
  • Adjust the bead breaker height and make sure it doesn’t touch the rim to prevent scratching
  • Whether it’s rim lock or air tube, insert the ratchet right after the valve or the rim lock
  • Use a strap to stop the wheel from moving and protect the spokes
  • Use bead grease - it’s always better for smoother tire removal and mounting
  • Pop the tire off with the ratchet system
  • When mounting a new tire, put a little bit of air in the tube so it holds form - this will make it easier

Questions? Concerns? Share in the comments below!

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