KTM 790 Adventure R Tubeless Rear Tire Change

KTM 790 Adventure R Tubeless Rear Tire Change

Replacing a Motoz Tractionator Desert with a Metzeler Karoo3 on a KTM Adventure 790R: will it work?

Why yes, it will - our Street Bike Tire Changer is designed to make tire changing as easy and effortless as humanly possible. In the video below, our co-founder Tony is replacing a tire on a KTM Adventure 790R, and as you will see, there’s zero sweat, swear words, and busted knuckles involved.

If you’re ready to start changing your own tires like a pro, don’t forget to:

  • Clean the rim before changing the tire - if dirt gets underneath the duck head, it can leave scratches
  • Check that the wheel supports are placed under the rim
  • Be careful that the bead breaker doesn’t touch the rim - you don’t want to scratch it!
  • For cast wheels, use the wheel stopper; for spokes, use the strap so you don’t damage the spokes
  • Remember, bead grease is your friend when changing tires - it makes the job easier!
  • Make sure the rotation direction is correct before putting the tire on

Want to know how to change the front tire on your KTM 790 Adventure R with air tube? Read it here

For more tire-changing tips and tutorials, check out our YouTube channel.


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