Dirt Bike Tire Change (With Rim Lock)

Dirt Bike Tire Change (With Rim Lock)

Street Bike Tire Changer vs a dirt bike wheel sporting a rim lock: will it work?

Here’s the thing: we want you to choose the tire changer that fits your needs best, which is why we test things out first.

A spoiler: it is possible, but considerably more struggle due to the rim lock. To replace a dirt bike tire with air tube using the Street Bike Tire Changer, we had to:

  • Place the duck head right after the valve and rim lock once the bead is broken
  • Use a strap instead of a stopper pin to secure the wheel
  • Keep some air in the tube so it holds form
  • Push the valve inside the rim before breaking the bead on the other side
  • When mounting a new tire, position the valve and rim lock at 11 o’clock
  • Secure the valve on the rim and pop the tire on
  • Be careful when mounting the rim lock.

In other words, yes, the Street Bike Tire Changer can work on dirt bike tires with tubes and rim locks. But the rim lock makes it a struggle. The job is much easier if you use the 3-Minute Tire Changer aimed at dirt motorcycles instead!

Please note, you cannot change tires with bib mousse inserts with a duck head mounting system.


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