What to Bring When You're Riding All Day

What to Bring When You're Riding All Day

For many riders, time on the bike doesn’t get better than heading out riding all day with friends. Whether you’re racing enduro or riding your favourite trails with friends, you need to pack right if you’re planning on riding all day.

Take along the right gear and supplies and you can have the ride of your life. Get it wrong, and it could be dangerous. Or you might find your trip ending prematurely due to a lack of spare parts, equipment or tools.

If you’re heading out riding, check the prep list below. Add any tools or spares that are specific to your bike or planned trail plus your own personal necessities, and you’re good to go!


Bike Spares and Tools

Before you leave home, check over your bike to make sure that it is in good working order. The way you prepare your bike before a day of riding, a race, or a training ride should be the same. Pay special attention to your air filter, tyre pressure, spoke and chain tension and brakes.

Once you’re out riding, you need spares and tools in your waist bag to see you through your ride:

◻︎ Basic tool set

◻︎ Duct tape

◻︎ Paper towel

◻︎ Mobile phone

◻︎ Shift lever

◻︎ Spare spark plug

◻︎ Spare brake and clutch levers

◻︎ Towing strap

◻︎ Ziplock bag for paperwork (registration and insurance details)

◻︎ Zip ties

◻︎ 2-Stroke oil if needed


What to Bring For Comfort

Finally, don’t allow your day of riding to be ruined for want of some suitable snacks or spares. Think about your comfort when packing. Riding through mud and streams will leave you soggy, and a lack of hydration can be dangerous and will end your day early. Get a hydration bladder for longer rides so you can carry your water supplies most comfortably.

Some ideas for your backpack:

◻︎ Meal bars, nuts, jerky and high energy snacks

◻︎ Sandwiches or fruit

◻︎ Spare gloves

◻︎ Water and specialist hydration fluids


Different bikes need different tools and spares, and each race or trail will need different supplies to keep you safe and comfortable. If you’re new to enduro or trail riding, head out with experienced friends first, and build on our list to make sure you have all you need for a rewarding day in the saddle.

How about you? Did we miss any kit that you won’t leave home without? What keeps you safe and comfortable during a day of riding?


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