Top 10 Dirt Bike Tours Around the World

Top 10 Dirt Bike Tours Around the World

For many riders, the challenge of testing a new trail and pitting yourself against the elements out where you don’t need any roads is what it’s all about. Getting out of your home area and hitting the trail less travelled with your bike can help you see the world from a whole new angle. Throw in some iconic sights, stunning scenery and epic trails, and you’ve got yourself some of

the best dirt bike tours in the world.

If you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your riding in 2016, take one of these dirt bike tours to combine the thrill of a new ride with an opportunity to see some of the most magical places in the world.


Romania – Relive the Romaniacs

Several different operators offer dirt bike tours which cover the same awesome terrain as the Red Bull Romaniacs race. If you book early enough, you can even be there on your tour during the event to experience the build up, ride some of the trails nearby, and then watch the races from a prime spot. At other times of the year, if you want to test yourself against the wilds of Romania – with thrilling ascents, and the possibility of getting up close and personal with wild boar, wolves and bears along the way – try this tour from Extreme Enduro Sibiu. Choose a 3-, 5-day or customised tour, complete with hotel spa to soak away the fatigue and make sure you’re at your best back in the saddle the next day.


USA, Mojave Desert – Be Part of the Legend

Take a day’s tour from Las Vegas into the Mojave Desert, and you could find yourself covering the same ground as some of the legends of offroad who whipped it in the Las Vegas to Reno, old Mint 400 and Primm 300 races. There are over 100 miles of trails to explore, and dirt bike tours are arranged based on rider ability with this Trip Advisor 5* tour provider. Expect to share the historic Hidden Valley with the desert wildlife, spin past Joshua trees on the volcanic McCullough Mountain Range, and cross the Roach dry lake bed before hitting the Vegas strip for some R&R.


South Africa – Big 5 by Bike

If you’re looking for a tour to take which combines winter sun with awesome trails, then why not hit South Africa. If you’re not sure what to expect, check out the awesome riders-eye video on the Alfie Cox Racing site, which catches the real majesty of the terrain you can cover in South Africa. And if that’s got you going, then book up an 8-day tour with the man himself, desert racing legend Alfie Cox. He has 30 years of riding experience, more titles (on both two and four wheels) than he cares to count, runs a successful racing team and dealership – and can be your guide for any off-road riders’ dream trip.


Spain – Off the Beaten Track

As well as being the archetypal home of sun, sea and sand, Spain offers visitors unspoiled woodland, mountains and desert, peaceful nature reserves, beaches and cities of unparalleled culture and variety. And the best bit for the birt bike enthusiast is that there are parts of the country’s best scenery that can only truly be reached off road. Try hitting the inland paradise of Andalucia on the back of a KTM, on a tour with Riders of the Lost Trail. Experienced local guides can take you to the best of the trails based on your interests and ability level, and share the ride, their inside knowledge, and even a post ride beer with you, back at your self catering apartment.

Alternatively, take a tour with Let’s Ride Spain, and you will get a tailored ride for you and your group alone, with riders from the area who know the best trails and tapas spots. Or try Backtrax Off Road Motorcycle Tours, a rider-recommended tour company, to hit the windy trails on Fuerteventura — covering river beds, sand dunes, mountain tracks and even passing by a camel farm.


Australia – Bike Round Oz

For a trip of a lifetime, try tackling Australia’s wilderness. With such a choice of terrain you might never want to go home. Test yourself against barren outback trails, visit ancient rainforest and break your journey with lunch overlooking sandy coves. You can easily arrange bike hire from reputable agents in the larger towns, and head off with or without a guide — but with dirt bike tours on offer from Dakar legend Simon Pavey, going with a guided group might mean you get the most from the experience.


Wales – Ride the Valleys

While much of the UK is densely populated, Wales is a dirt bike rider’s paradise. Hit the Cambrian Mountains and Southern Snowdonia with Trail Ride Wales, a family run operation that has been involved in competing and teaching off-road riding for years. It’s not always easy to figure out where it is legal to ride off road in the UK, so going with a guide who knows their area well will make sure you get the most from your experience. Get away from it all, and share your trail only with the buzzards, sheep, wild goats and deer.


Peru – Off Road to Machu Picchu

What do you get when you cross a thrilling off-road ride through the jungle with an opportunity to visit one of the most awe inspiring creations of the Inca Empire? Possibly the most adrenaline-fuelled history lesson known to man! Join top-rated guides from Motorcycle Tours Peru for either of their Incas Dirt Roads Tours, and you will find yourself either starting or finishing your tour at Machu Picchu, as well as riding the Sacred Valley of the Incas. You’ll also have the option to stop at hot springs to chill out or take a ride on a zip wire if you’re a real adrenaline junkie.


Vietnam – Travel Like a Local

For local Vietnamese, motorcycle travel is the norm. Combine your trip to experience the awesome culture of the area with some biking through scenery including terraced rice fields, sandy beaches, high mountain passes and rain forest. Getting a guide is the best way to get the most out of your trip, and there are several highly rated individual operators to choose from, such as Off Road Vietnam and Free Bird. With English rarely spoken outside of the cities, and roads and tracks notoriously dangerous, local knowledge is the best way to ensure your safety and comfort during what can be an epic adventure.


Portugal – Algarve by Husqvarna

Hit the Algarve hills with Dakar rider Ruben Faria — because vacations should be about new friends, new places and new challenges, not about lying poolside. Over a choice of tours ranging from a single day to an 8-day round trip, covering around 200 kilometers every riding day, Ruben will share with you his personal training- and play-ground. The Algarve is the most westerly point of Europe, offering rugged mountain trails, dunes and plenty of local wildlife (as well as 300 sunny days every year) to enjoy.


Greece – Land of the Gods

When it comes to dirt bike riding, Greece really has it all. Try a tour from North Star Enduro — not only are they highly recommended, but the three guides come with 30 years of enduro experience between them and one is a former Greek Downhill Champion. Ride awesome mountain passes and dense forest trails, stop for coffee in villages that seem frozen in time, and visit the cities which bring ancient tradition to life right before your eyes.


Wherever you’re headed in 2016, don’t forget to arrange the right insurance for your trip. Specialist motorcycle travel insurance will cover personal accidents and emergencies, as well as specialist coverage for damage, loss or theft of your precious gear. Make sure the policy you pick covers you to ride a hired bike, and includes coverage for on- and off-road riding, either with or without a guide depending on your plans.


There’s something magical about feeling the wind in your face as you conquer an awesome new trail. Book up your choice of the best dirt bike tours in the world for this year, and in the meantime get out in the saddle to feel like you’re on vacation, even if you’re not.


What dirt bike adventures have you been on already and what have you got planned for 2016?


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