Rabaconda Rider Daniel Sanders [Q&A]

Rabaconda Rider Daniel Sanders [Q&A]

How did you get started in dirt bike riding?
My father used to race dirt bikes in the 1980’s and I’ve alwayS just wanted to ride and race like him since a young age.

What has been your best moment as a pro rider?
Winning the Australian championship this year (2016) and last years ISDE winning juniors, E3 class and 4th overall.

How was your season in Australia? Did you race in other countries as well?
My season in Australia was really good. I won almost every race except 2 where I injured my ankle and had to ride with one foot almost, I felt really strong and fast all year.

You have a nice driving compound. Can you describe it more?
I am a very lucky with my riding at my house, I have 2 MX tracks, Enduro X track, 3 grass tracks and lots of bush riding. It’s everything you need in your back yard as a kid!

Last year’s ISDE was a big mess with the results throughout the event basically. How did you cope with that or you didn’t think about it when riding?
Last year was upsetting for the seniors as they didn’t get to receive the trophy on stage that they deserved, I thought the boys did the right thing. In the end we have to race the motorbikes as fast as we can and follow the rules, I do the best I can every time I jump on the bike.

As this year’s ISDE is held in Spain you have to travel there from very far distance. Do you suffer from jet lags or doesn’t it bother you at all? If yes, how do you come out of the jet lag or how many days earlier do you have to arrive Spain to come over the jet lag?
Yes we have to fly for 20 hours on plane to get here, so it’s very tough on the body to sit still for that long. I don’t get jet lag, I plan my trip right and adapt to the destinations time early.

You have been selected to 2016 ISDE Team Australia, but due to regulation changes there are 4 of you not 6 like before. What does this mean to team strategy and what do you think of this change?
This change makes it tough for countries to select the riders as Australia have such strong and fast riders now, at the other hand it makes it cheaper for the countries for the riders to be sent.

You just released a video you changing a tyre very fast. How long did it take you to get used to the Rabaconda and can you describe what it is like to change a tyre with a Rabaconda Tyre Changer?
I’ve had a Rabacondas for 3 years now and love them. I first saw them on the internet as I was researching to buy one. Once I bought one I then had to learn a good routine for changing a tyre fast and smooth, the Rabaconda made it very easy and fast with the design of the changer being up high for easy use and the big arm to flick off the tyre after a long day racing Enduro. I also like using it to see how fast I can change a tyre for some fun.

What do you do when you aren’t riding? What are your hobbies?
I like working on my tracks at home making them bigger and better, also training on road bike and MTB with friends

Who are your riding buddies?
This year has been Lyndon Snodgrass and Jesse Lawton.

Check how Daniel handled his tyre change during ISDE 2015 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYJdFJTJFVE


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