Can You Conquer 2,365 Meters of Mountain?

Can You Conquer 2,365 Meters of Mountain?

To give an extra boost to #RBS2S riders, Rabaconda is offering special discounts on the 3-Minute Mousse Changer for Gold-, Silver- and Bronze-level finishers of Red Bull Sea to Sky: If you reach the top of Mount Olympos, you'll receive a 30% discount. If you make it to 1,700 metres, you'll receive a 20% discount. And a 10% discount goes to those who make it through the river section and the first sections of the forest.

The Rabaconda 3-Minute Mousse Changer will also be available for all riders to try in the event's workshop. Rabaconda's co-founder and engineer, Tõnu Kallast, will be there for demos and trainings ” when he's not out on the race track!
Good luck, everyone!


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