Rabaconda Rider Matti Seistola [Q&A]

Rabaconda Rider Matti Seistola [Q&A]

Matti Seistola is a former motocross rider. He started to ride enduro in 2009. He has competed in the E2 and E1 classes, and currently competes in E3.

How did you get started in riding?

My dad used to ride when he was younger. So when me and my brother grew up little bit, he bought a bike for us. I was 4 and my brother was 6 at that time. From there on I have been on the bikes. Racing came just for fun first and slowly get more seriously.

What do you do when you aren’t riding? 

I try to spend as much time as possible with my family when I am not racing.

What are your hobbies?

I like to do mountain biking, jet ski and go karts as hobby.

What do you do in the off-season?

In off seasons I have done some construction works. It is good fun and I would like to do those works after my career. So when there is longer off season I work. Of course closer to season I start to ride and prepare for that.

Do you have any pre-race rituals?

No I don’t have any rituals before the race.

Where’s your favorite place to ride? Your favorite track?

In motocross my favorite track was Namur in Belgium. But enduro I really like to ride in Spain. I like hard pack forests.

What was your best moment as a pro rider?

So far the best moment has been when we won ISDE in Finland with team Finland.

What are your riding goals?

To be world champion next year.

What is your advice for those just starting out?

Ride as much as you can and ride in different places as much as possible. And always enjoy what you are doing.

What’s the most memorable DNF have you ever had?

I have been lucky not to DNF too much, but maybe the funniest was my first year in enduro. It was GP in Slovachia. Heavy rain and really difficult race. I just could not go through the trail between the tests and I had to DNF because I had so much penalty minutes. It was tough race and I didn’t have much experience in enduro.

Why did you choose Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire Changer?

Rabaconda is easy to use. Push lever is long enough to get good push to tyre so I don’t need to use lot of power to change tyre.


Matti’s Stats

Name: Matti Seistola

Birthday: 04 March 1983  

Nation: Finland

Team: Sherco CH Racing

Number: 18 

Bike: Sherco 300 SE

Mechanic: Mauro Cremonesi

Series: EWC E3

Recent Titles: 

  • 2014 3rd EWC E3
  • 2013 3rd EWC E1
  • 2012 5th EWC E1
  • 2011 3rd EWC E1
  • 2011 ISDE Winner Senior
  • 2010 4th EWC E1

Matti is on Facebook.


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