What has improved with the new 4th generation Rabaconda Dirt Bike Tire Stand?

What has improved with the new 4th generation Rabaconda Dirt Bike Tire Stand?

The Rabaconda 3-Minute Dirt Bike Tire Stand has gone through some major updates.


Since its launch in 2012, the king of dirt bike tire stands has seen numerous improvements to both its functionality and its quality. Valuable input from factory racing teams, and careful observation of hundreds of tire changes has given us the perfect understanding about the challenges of changing a tire. The knowledge collected over the past 5 years has led to a new version of the Rabaconda 3-Minute Mousse Changer. Changing a tire has never been so easy! We did what you told us! Here is a complete list of new features and improvements:


1. NEW: Rubber feet provide excellent grip on any surface

Our previous 3-Minute dirt bike tire stand versions had plastic base plates which allowed the device to move and rotate on most types of flooring. New rubber feet offer excellent grip and make the tire changer really stick to the ground when working with it. Now all of your focus can be on getting the tire changed.




2. NEW: 3 standing points for greater stability on uneven surfaces

Our previous models had great stability on perfectly flat surfaces which in real life turned out to be a rare condition. If the ground was somewhat uneven, the tire changer tended to rotate which created another unnecessary challenge. By using rubber feet, we created a tripod under the base frame which raised the center of the frame from the ground. This provides great stability on uneven surfaces, both inside and outdoors


3. NEW: Convenient tire lever/iron tray now included

In case you were wondering where to put the tire irons, there is now a nice tray that holds them for you. The tire irons are ready to be grabbed from an arm's reach. This is especially handy if you do not have a mechanic to pass you the tire irons. Most importantly, the tire iron tray is now included in the price.



4. NEW: Spindle chamfer for fixing larger hub bearing adapters

In addition to the center spindle, the Rabaconda dirt bike tire stand also includes a 24mm adapter for centering wheels with larger hub bearings. With our earlier models, when flipping the wheel during a tire change the adapter had a tendency to come off. To avoid this, there is now a small conical chamfer on the middle part of the spindle that locks the adapter. No need to chase the rolling adapter across the floor.



5. IMPROVED: Tube caps riveted to the feet

In the middle of ruthless tire change combat, the base frame's tube caps sometimes went MIA (missing in action). Now they are riveted to the frame and will stay there through even the toughest of battles. This keeps dirt from entering the base frame tubes.


6. IMPROVED: Large flange nuts for stronger fixing of wheel supports

Collaboration with factory racing teams has proven to be the ultimate test environment for our tools. We regularly inspect their Rabaconda tire change equipment (including Rabaconda Pro Tire iron set) which in some cases have been used for several seasons and for hundreds, if not thousands, of tire changes. We have learned that after long term professional use, a number of inspected tire changers had a problem with wheel support fixation rigidity due to deformation in base frame's slots. To prevent this problem, we have increased flange nut's diameter. Flange nuts are attached to the quick release bolts that fix wheel supports to the base frame. Our recent tests have shown that the new fasters are approximately twice as rigid as the previous version.


7. IMPROVED: Pre-assembled quick lever bolts

It used to take several minutes to assemble the quick release bolts during the first time set up. We are now doing this for you so you can have the dirt bike tire stand out of the package and ready for use in the shortest amount of time possible. Our unboxing video, accompanied by assembly instructions in 5 different languages, will help you set up the dirt bike tire stand in just a few minutes time. After the initial assembly, it will take less than a minute to pack it into the compact carry bag for convenient storage or to set it up for using again. The Rabaconda 3-Minute Tire changer works with wheel diameters from 16 to 21 inches. Whether using mousse, or air tube - you will be ready in 3 minutes. Check out our Videos section for tire change tutorials and visit our store for more information about the world's fastest tire changer.

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