Street Bike Tire Changer Review by Superbike Coach

Street Bike Tire Changer Review by Superbike Coach

Our newest tool, the Street Bike Tire Changer, is making a splash in the sport bike community. Designed for fast and easy tire changes in the garage or trackside, this tool is aimed at cast wheels and works with both single and double-sided swingarms. It’s got a comfortable operating position with low weight, and the plastic mounting heads prevent rim-scratching. The best part is, it also works on spoked wheels, and you can change any tires - soft of stiff - as long as you’ve got the technique nailed down.

But this isn’t about us: this is about riders who are already testing the Street Bike Tire Changer, and we just received a detailed review of the tool by Can Akkaya and Dean Lonskey at Superbike Coach. These guys have a variety of motorcycles and a whole bunch of different tires to swap on a regular basis, so we sent them a prototype of the Street Bike Tire Changer to test it out. Here’s what they had to say:

Great video of Chris and Coach Akkaya changing a tire on a Aprilia SXV 550:

Here Coach Can Akkaya is working on his Ducati 1199 Panigale with a single-sided swingarm:

Tire change on Coach Akkaya's KTM 450 SMR:

Street Bike Tire Changer Review by Superbike Coach

“We swap around 20 to 30 tires per year, and changing them at a shop is pretty expensive. We tried a few cheap tire changers off of EBay, but it was more painful than useful - they didn’t work well, and we were sweating and cursing more than actually achieving anything.
When we saw a few of the Rabaconda videos, we were intrigued.

It looked so much easier, and sure, you still have to take the wheel off yourself and do the work, but it seemed like with Rabaconda, you’d get the job done much faster. We were excited to get a prototype unit, unbox it, and test it out.

The Rabaconda tire changer came with a nice bag, several adapters, and tire levers. Right off the bat, we could feel the quality - it definitely didn’t feel like cheap stuff. The design, the materials, the finish, you could feel this was a quality tool. Another cool thing is, the tire changer doesn’t need to be bolted to the ground - you can put it just about anywhere.

When you’ve assembled the tool - which, by the way, is pretty self-explanatory and only takes a few moments - you’ve got to adjust the height for the wheel size, and off you go. We’ve tried it on a Ducati tire, and while we were a little nervous about scratching the rim, but we didn’t need to worry. The tire popped right off without the bead breaker ever even touching the rim.

What we loved about the Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer was the fact that you don’t need to pull or wrestle with the tire, you simply push the bead breaker downl. You do need a little strength, but it’s significantly easier and faster than any other tire changers we’ve used before.

Once you’ve broken the bead, all that’s left is to secure the wheel, insert the tire iron, and use the ratchet to get the tire off. The plastic mounting heads are protecting the rim which is cool. The process is really straightforward and easy, so I think the three-minute promise is totally feasible once you get the hang of it.

All the parts of the Rabaconda are very sturdy and well designed, and putting a new tire on is just as easy as getting the old one off.

What’s awesome about this tool is that it is really easy to assemble and change the tires. It’s completely portable, so you can take it to the track if you need to; you can adapt it to different wheel sizes, it’s designed extremely well, and it’s going to save you tons of money and sweat - especially if you change a lot of tires and often.”

Curious to hear more? See the Superbike Coach video review of the Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer here


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