Rabaconda Tire Change Essentials

Rabaconda Tire Change Essentials

You've had fun riding, but now it's time to finally install a fresh set of rubber - you need some tire change essentials. It's extremely hard to find someone who actually enjoys the process of mounting new tires using traditional methods. If your tire changing process is usually made up of these steps: procrastination, cut fingers, frustration, and vulgar language - then this article may be exactly what you're looking for! Or perhaps you're competing in the International Six Day Enduro or other similar event, yep, this article is for you too! Rabaconda offers a variety of innovative tire change essentials to make your next tire change quick and easy!



Tire stands are an essential tool when it comes to changing tires. They give you the ability to keep the wheel in place while you remove the old, or fit the new rubber. Well, that is what they're supposed to do. Unfortunately, there are many tires stands out there that tend to flip when the pressure that is required to bead your tire becomes too much. Luckily though, Rabaconda has taken this, along with many other factors into account. The result led to the building of the most efficient tire stand on the market.


Rabaconda 3 Minute Mousse Changer

The technology behind Rabaconda's 3 Minute Mousse Changer has revolutionized the tire stand as we know it, and has become the product of choice for top professional enduro and motocross athlete globally. The first thing that stands out on the 3 Minute Mousse Changer is the arm that takes away the effort of de-beading, pushing off, and getting the final section of the tire on when installing. This not only decreases the time of the change, but also heavily reduces the physical excursion required to swap your tire. This stand also features a tire iron lock to eliminate the possibility of your tire debeading while installing, a perfect height to allow you to apply body weight to the irons without being on your knees or having the stand fall over, a slip resistant base, and the ability to quickly disassemble the stand for easy transportation. There is a reason Rabaconda is trusted by everyone from weekend warriors to the world's best. 16''-21'' wheels are compatible.


TMT4 / TMT4 Lite

If you are looking for a tire stand directed towards the installation of tubes, or something to help mount those extremely tough mini bike tires, then the TMT4 may just be what you're looking for! The TMT4 provides you with a base that can be easily adjusted towards the fit of tires ranging from 10” to 21”. A key component that you will notice when using the TMT4 is the ergonomic foot pedal. It has the ability to apply pressure from both sides of the tire, allowing you to remove the tire without flipping the wheel, and also easily bead the tire during installation. The stand comes equipped with a tire bead holder, and rim lock hook. It is even a foldable design, minimizing the overall space need to store it. The TMT 4 is similar to the other offering known as the TMT4 Lite. The Lite version offers all the great features as the regular model but with the elimination of the foot pedal.  


Now that you've had the chance to look at the best tire stands, we will move with tire change essentials. Rabaconda offers a variety of unique options that can add to the comfort, speed and overall experience of mounting new tires!


Rabaconda Pro Tire Lever Set

To go along with your tire stand, Rabaconda offers the Pro Tire Lever Set. The set will include 5 robust irons designed to work in harmony with Rabaconda's 3 Minute Mousse Changer. You will find that each lever has a thin, curved end allowing the iron to work under the bead with ease. An overall length of 15 inches per iron provides you with the leverage required to install even the tightest of beads with limited effort. These levers will become a staple in your tool box!


Rabaconda Brake Disc Covers

One of the most common problems encountered while changing a dirt bike tire is when you manage to catch your fingers on the brake disc, resulting in a painful, somewhat bloody experience. Luckily, Rabaconda offers a solution that can save your fingers from any unnecessary injury that may play a hindrance to your riding. These covers are made out of a heavy duty, cut resistant material to ensure that they will withstand the sharpest of discs with 260mm and 220mm radius. The Rabaconda Brake Disc covers also offer great protection while transporting a second set of wheels.


Rabaconda Pit Mat

As you may know, F.I.M sanctioned events imply strict rules when it comes to what you park, refuel, and work on your bike over. This pit mat offers a liquid absorbent material to meet these standards, while also providing you with a washable, stylish pit accessory that provides both a purpose and some aesthetic points to your pit!


Rabaconda Tire Changing Mat

This tire changing mat is produced specifically to fit with the 3 Minute Mousse Change system. Made with the same materials as the Pit Mat, the Tire Mat is also liquid absorbent to meet all of the environmental standards. This mat will also significantly decrease any marriage problems related to tire changers scratching the new floor. On top of that, with the combination of the pit mat, tire mat and tire stand - you will look exactly like Mathias Bellino!

Image: Mathias Bellino

There you have it! Rabaconda's tire changing essentials! We've taken a look into the most innovative tire stands such as the 3 minute mousse changer, the durable Pro Tire Lever Set, and some pit accessories that prove to provide purpose along with style. Hopefully this has given you some knowledge on how to make your tire next change as simple and stress free as possible. Rabaconda is constantly looking for ways to improve their products to provide the ultimate experience to their riders. Thus allowing them to focus less on their maintenance, and more on their riding!


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