Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer Review: Cycle News

Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer Review: Cycle News

Are you tired of struggling to change your motorcycle's tires? Look no further as Cycle News has recently reviewed the Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer, a game-changing tool that simplifies the task of changing street bike tires.

Here’s what Cycle News had to say:

“Rabaconda's portable street-bike tire changer weighs only 28.6 pounds and can be brought to the racetrack or other events because it does not need to be mounted to the floor.

It works with street bike wheels ranging from 12 to 21 inches in diameter, hubs measuring 20-32mm, and tires up to 250mm wide. A carry bag and tire irons are provided, and a range of extras can be added to meet your specific requirements.

It comes with a range of attachments such as a duck-head ratchet kit for cross-spoked wheels, that may be added to meet individual demands. When stored in its carry case, the tire changer weighs 28.6 pounds and is 27.5 x 11 x 9.8 inches.

The compact and portable design of the Street Bike Tire Changer is perfect for small work areas and for riders or mechanics looking to change a tire on-site at a race or other event.

The Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer includes the following features:

  • Easy assembly and ergonomic design
  • Long lever for cracking difficult beads
  • Rim protection with anti-scratch components
  • The innovative duck-head ratchet design allows for simple operation
  • Easily adaptable to various wheel sizes

The Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer is designed for street, cruiser, touring, sport, and adventure motorcycles with cast or forged wheels and works on both single and double-sided swingarms.

Read the full review on Cycle News here.

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