Dirt Bike Tire Changer vs Mr.Wolf Mousse Balls: Changing Mousses Is Now Easier Than Ever

Dirt Bike Tire Changer vs Mr.Wolf Mousse Balls: Changing Mousses Is Now Easier Than Ever

Mousse inserts can be notoriously capricious when you’re changing your tires. Unlike a traditional air tube, mousse inserts require a little more skill to install properly, and some garages simply refuse to change them as the industrial tire changers just won’t work with mousses.

What’s a rider to do?

The easy answer is Rabaconda’s Dirt Bike Tire Changer. Designed with motocross, dirt, and enduro riders in mind, the Dirt Bike Tire Changer is the best tool for changing your own tires whether you run tubes or mousse inserts.

However, the dirt biking world is ever-evolving, and these days, there’s a new kid on the block: Mr.Wolf Mousse Balls.

Made from mousse-like material, Mousse Balls are segments that fill up the tire much like a mousse insert would, but, thanks to the segmentation, you can fully customize your ride for different terrain and riding style. Mousse Balls offer the puncture-free riding that mousse inserts do but have the feel and durability of a traditional air tube combining the best of the two worlds. Additionally, unlike traditional mousse inserts that are size-specific, the Mousse Balls will fit any tire and any manufacturer.

But what about changing your tires with Mousse Balls?

In the video below, AMA off road national champion Mason Ottersberg showcases just how easy it is to install Mousse Balls and mount tires using the Rabaconda Dirt Bike Tire Changer:

As highlighted in the video, once the Mousse Balls are in, mounting your tire with Rabaconda is a quick and effortless process. However, there are several key things to remember:


Lubing the Mousse Balls

Every box of Mousse Balls comes with some “mousse juice”, and it’s essential to lube the Balls up for maximum durability and performance. Do lube each segment individually; the good thing is, as long as the Mousse Balls aren’t dirty, you can easily swap them out between tires without re-lubing them.


Customizing the Feel

Depending on your preferences and the terrain you’re tackling, Mousse Balls can be customized for a certain feel. Spacing them out a little – just a finger between each segment – will give the tires a softer feel. Packing the Mousse Balls tighter, on the other hand, will offer a stiffer tire.


Mounting Tires with Mousse Balls: Enter the Dirt Bike Tire Changer

Once the Mousse Balls are inserted, mounting the tire with the Dirt Bike Tire Changer is a three-minute job.

Simply place the wheel on the Rabaconda stand, put the tire on, and push the lower bead over the rim using the tire levers. Work your way around the tire pushing the bead down to stretch the tire over the rim gradually, then use the bead breaker to push the last section in.

Featuring an ergonomic design and a sturdy stand, the Dirt Bike Tire Changer offers extra leverage and a comfortable standing position, making the job easier. The bead breaker and the tire irons are designed specifically for dirt bike tire changes; whether you run mousses, air tubes, or Tire Balls, “Rabaconda makes the tire changing really easy”, Mason shares.


Forever chasing that perfect intersection spot between grip, feel, and durability, dirt riders often experiment with different tire setups or run tubes, mousses, or Mousse Balls on different bikes. Whatever your preference, the Dirt Bike Tire Changer is designed to accommodate all your tire-changing experiments with ease.



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