How to Mount Motorcycle Tires in Your Own Garage: Kyle Bradshaw

How to Mount Motorcycle Tires in Your Own Garage: Kyle Bradshaw

Motovlogger Kyle Bradshaw (aka @manybikes) is a motorcycle enthusiast with a popular YouTube channel, and we’re stoked to share his videos here on our blog. Kyle rides multiple bikes from enduro to street, and he teaches his audience to maintain, repair, and use the right accessories for their motorcycles. In the video below, Kyle covers how to mount motorcycle tires in your own garage using the Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer, our newest product in a line of tire-changing tools.

“Being able to change your own motorcycle tires gives you a lot of freedom and will save you a lot of cash. Until now, I have been on my hands and knees changing tires by hand with trailside tools. Not anymore! Today, I will show you how I set up my new Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer and walk you through how to mount tires in your own garage”, Kyle shares.


Changing Motorcycle Tires with the Street Bike Tire Changer

In his video tutorial, Kyle starts off by setting up the Street Bike Tire Changer. Don’t worry if you’re doing it for the first time – the tool comes with a handy instruction manual, and the setup takes just a few minutes.

Next up, Kyle recommends cleaning the wheel and the rim thoroughly so that the duck head doesn’t pick up any dirt and scratch the rim. Now, place the wheel on the Rabaconda stand and set up the bead breaker; be generous with soapy water to make it easier.

“The bead breaks easily, just be careful not to hit the valve stem as you go along. Finally, pop the tire off using the duck head ratchet system. It takes minutes, and the setup is so easy anyone can do it”, Kyle comments.


Mounting Motorcycle Tires

Before mounting the tire, add some bead grease to make the process easier. Placing the wheel on the Street Bike Tire Changer, use the drop center tools to keep the tire stable and, using the ratchet system, get the bead seated. Then, inflate the tire. Finally, balance your wheels using a simple manual balancer and wheel weights.

Once you’re done, packing the Street Bike Tire Changer takes up less than a minute, and you can stow the bag away or throw it in your truck if you’re hitting the road for an event.

“The Rabaconda will pay for itself really quickly. Just think about it – it costs around $90 per tire change at a shop and it adds up fast, so five or six tire changes with Rabaconda will pay for it already. As you can see, the process is incredibly simple and easy, and it doesn’t take more than ten minutes to go from setting up the tire changer to packing it away with your tires swapped out”, Kyle explains.

Curious how the Street Bike Tire Changer works on cruiser tires? Watch this video where Kyle chats with Tonu, co-founder of Rabaconda, and showcases a Harley-Davidson tire change

As you can see, even stiff HD tires aren’t a match for Rabaconda. “It only takes around five minutes to change a tire in your own garage if you have a Street Bike Tire Changer”, Kyle comments.

Want to be able to mount motorcycle tires in your garage easily, fast, and hassle-free like Kyle? Check out the Rabaconda Street Bike Tire Changer and join countless other riders who’ve learned to change tires the easy way.

Want to know more about Kyle's doings? Check out his Youtube channel @manybikes and don't forget to hit the subscribe button.


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