Holiday Gift Ideas for Dirt Riders

Holiday Gift Ideas for Dirt Riders

The holiday season is here, and riders the world over will be adding the best in new gear and performance technology to their wish lists. From safety essentials and tech to optimize performance, kit to keep us warm and dry on a ride, and of course gadgets (because who doesn’t love cool toys), we have rounded up our holiday gift ideas for 2015.

If you’re looking for Christmas inspiration for the rider in your life – or to treat yourself – then here’s where we would start.




Grab some goggles

New goggles are a great bet for any rider. Designs are upgraded regularly, and wear and tear on old goggles can lead to loss of peripheral vision or simply leave them feeling tight. If you’re buying for a young rider, then making sure goggle size keeps pace with growth is essential. Stay safe and comfortable with these VonZipper Beefy MX Goggles or the brand new Accuri Voltaire from 100%.


Wearable #whipitwednesday

You can never have too many t-shirts, and our newest shirt is all about the love of riding. Available in sizes S to 3XL, it’s an inexpensive item for the teens and adults on your holiday shopping list.


Stock up on socks

Buying (or receiving) socks for Christmas hardly seems inspired. But when it comes to dirt bike riding, great socks can make the difference between a comfy ride and one you’d rather forget. Look for pairs with reinforced ankles and heels, which stop moisture and protect against blisters. Troy Lee Designs have socks to make you smile (as well as keeping your extremities warm and dry in even the most challenging of conditions). Try the Galaxy pair (shown above).


Lights, camera, action

Add an action camera to your holiday gift ideas to capture and share your riding and racing experiences. The GoPro Helmet camera might be the ‘standard’ action camera, but the Torque HD+ Goggle Camera from Liquid Image gives a real POV experience, recording (or even live streaming) exactly what you see when riding.




Air filters

No rider can ever have too many air filters. They might not look like game-changing kit, but more air means more power to your engine, and having a bunch of ‘em means you’re never stuck waiting for one to air dry after cleaning when you want to get back out on the bike. Most likely you have a favourite brand already, but if you’re buying blind, you can’t go wrong with Twin Air.


Gripping stuff

Length, diameter and hardness matter. Naturally, we are talking dirt bike grips. For many riders, Renthal grips, which use Kevlar compound for softness to give maximum rider comfort, are the reference point. Look for grips that last, which are tacky but soft enough on the hands to minimize arm pump and dampen down vibration as you ride.


Pimp that ride

You like to stand out from the crowd, right? Pick up some customized bike graphics and riding gear like these from Crostic. Pimp your ride with a retro-styled full set from the Vintage range, or some futuristic graphics from the Robots collection, and you can even get a matching custom racing jersey to complete the look.




Power through arm pump

A Powerball Gyroscope tops Rabaconda cofounder Tõnu’s holiday gift ideas. By packing the power of a Formula 1 car into something the size of a tennis ball, and allowing some pretty awesome resistance training, it promises to help sportspeople of all disciplines get arms of steel. Looks like it might be the perfect thing for dirt bike riders wanting to train to beat arm pump.


Train your brain

Designed by neuroscientists to help people track and train their brain waves, Versus looks pretty space age. The idea is to train for better concentration and focus, and even to help you sleep better and control your emotional reactions. It’s not cheap, but Versus is already used by top level athletes to get an edge over their competition.


Turn on the turbine

Just as your bike needs clean air to get the maximum performance from the engine, when you’re whipping it on the track, your body needs as much air as it can get, too. Turbine fits in the nose and is designed to improved airflow for better performance, with clinical trials showing it instantly improves the amount of air getting to your lungs, so you can go faster, for longer.


If you’re a lucky bastard, you already own the Rabaconda 3-Minute Mousse Changer. If not, then now is the time to start dropping some heavy hints to your nearest and dearest. Who wouldn’t want to have the fastest, easiest mousse changer in their garage or at the track?
Over to you. What are your holiday gift ideas for the dirt rider in your life? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to sign up here to get all the latest seasonal tips from the Rabaconda team.


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