Looking for a challenge?

Looking for a challenge?

WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Click here to read about the winning entries.

Rabaconda and GrabCAD have launched a design challenge for a portable work bench concept. Everyone is invited to create and submit a functional design!

Since its very beginning, Rabaconda has approached product development in a rather uncommon way. Our first product was based on a tool that had been used by many riders for more than a decade, but was still missing its final touch to reach full potential. We started the Rabaconda community to make this tool the best, asking our fellow riders how they would improve it. Soon we had some prototypes ready to be tested, and as a result the 3-Minute Mousse Changer was born. We are continuously experimenting with and improving the tool. All the testing is done by our customers and fans - people who are actually using the product.

We love the synergy of involving riders with a range of skills in the creation of something they truly enjoy using. To take the process to another level, we are inviting a broader circle of riders and engineers to join in. A concept for a portable, folding work bench has received good feedback from the Rabaconda community, so we have organised a design challenge in collaboration with GrabCAD to get the best possible result. Click here to find out more about it. Rabaconda invites everyone to submit an entry and provide feedback.

Best wishes and good luck!

Jakob & Tõnu

founders of Rabaconda - Rider Developed Designs


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