Rabaconda will set the Fair Market Retail pricing for each product. Failure to comply with the Fair Market Retail pricing without prior approval may result in termination of the dealer’s ability to purchase goods. Pricing is subject to change without notice or liability.


All orders are subject to acceptance by Rabaconda, and such acceptance is conditional upon dealer’s acceptance of the terms and condition set forth. Rabaconda may immediately terminate dealer’s ability to purchase goods anytime at Rabaconda’s sole discretion.All orders must be prepaid by credit card, PayPal or bank wire prior to delivery.


Dealer is solely responsible for all federal, state and local sales and excise taxes associated with the purchase of products. Dealer agrees to indemnify and hold Rabaconda harmless from all liabilities, claims, or demands for injuries or damages to any person or property arising out of, caused whole or in part, or in any way related to the use of the product by Dealer or any customer or other person or entity.


Dealers will NOT:
(A) Sell these goods other than through the outlet locations specified in Dealer Sales Agreement.
(B) Sell or otherwise transfer or transship Rabaconda goods to another dealer, distributor, or broker. Dealers may sell to U.S. retail customers only (no resellers). All international inquiries must be referred to Rabaconda
(C) Advertise or Sell through 3rd party sales, such as and/or Violation may result in ermination of dealer’s account.


The word “Rabaconda” may not be used in the business name, entity name, or d/b/a of a dealer. Where bulk e-mail or social media sites such as Facebook are used to sell Rabaconda products, nothing on the site or in the html page title tag may imply that the dealer is a part of Rabaconda, more than a dealer.


Rabaconda does NOT allow the use of the Rabaconda name and/or logo in any advertising without expressed written permission. Failure to observe this requirement will result in loss of purchasing privileges. Dealer agrees to receive prior approval from Rabaconda for all advertising concerning Rabaconda products.


Rabaconda will ship product via UPS ground unless another service is specifically requested by dealer. In that case, the Dealer will be responsible for the shipping charges unless specified by Rabaconda. Shipping method can be changed at the discretion of Rabaconda without notice or liability.


Rabaconda guarantees satisfaction. If within 30 days a customer is not completely satisfied with the product, it can be returned for a full refund. Shipping charges applied at the time of order will not be refunded. Terms and conditions apply. A copy of the original invoice or proof of purchase is required. Dealer agrees to uphold this guarantee.RABACONDA Ltd gives LIFETIME WARRANTY and takes responsibility for shortcomings and errors that appear after the delivery of the goods. The warranty does not apply if the defects fully or partially result from incorrect, careless or improper use, use for non-standard applications, external causes such as fire or water damage, or if the product has physically worn out due to normal usage. In case the product does not meet the set requirements or has other shortcomings, you have the right to request a replacement of the product or cancel the order and return the defective product. In this case, transport costs will be covered by Rabaconda.


Dealer agrees that its failure to abide by the conditions listed hereby will result in termination of delivery of goods by Rabaconda and liability for damages. This agreement does not obligate dealers to purchase or sell any Rabaconda products. Dealer agrees that from time to time Rabaconda may modify or amend this Agreement. Upon receiving notice of such modification or amendment either through the mail or electronically, Dealer consents to such  modification or amendment by specifically consenting either directly or electronically or constructively by placing an order with Rabaconda after receiving such notice.