Kauritmoto Tire Mounting Tool - TMT4

by Tonu Kallast
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Kauritmoto Tire Mounting Tool - TMT4

What is tire mounting?

Tire mounting is simply the process of fitting a tire onto a rim. Tire mounting can be a relatively quick and easy activity, or a long painful experience. The difference is made by having the correct tire mounting equipment. If you change tires often, a proper tire mounting tool is a must have. In this article we are focusing on motocross tire changing tools. We will explain the TMT4 and TMT4 Lite tire mounting tools. We will also compare it to the world renowned Rabaconda tool. Each tire changing tool has its own advantages, however, all three preform their jobs very well.


Kauritmoto Tire mounting tool TMT4 Tire Changer

The TMT4 tire mounting tool is a dirt bike mechanics dream tool. There is a bit of a learning curve but once you overcome that, you will be changing tires with ease.

What makes TMT4 Tire Changer stand out?


The first thing that you will notice when looking at this stand is that is pure quality. There is nothing cheap looking or feeling about this sturdy stand. It is best used at home by people who find themselves regularly changing tires for themselves, their children, their friends, or whoever else comes around asking for a hand. Paid mechanics with a brick and mortar location will also reap the benefits when using this stand. The Up&Down pusher system makes this stand, stand out even further.

Main features of TMT4 Tire Changer motorcycle tire tools

The TMT4 Tire Changer features a pusher system that has been appropriately named, the Up&Down pusher system. The system is used via a foot pedal and can be swapped from pushing down to pushing up by simply inserting a pin. These pushing movements are designed to un-bead the tires from the rims, which is especially handy when changing a tire with a mousse inside. Similar to the TMT4 Lite, the TMT4 also includes the slot system for picking wheel size, as well as a tire iron holder. It also includes the same bead pushing system for remounting the tires without pinches. Finally, the TMT4 also includes a rim hook to keep the wheel from bouncing around during the tire changing process.

Pros and cons of these tire mounting tools


-The excellent Up&Down pusher system

-Makes changing tires with a mousse a breeze

-Works with a huge range of rim sizes



-Small wheel kit is not included in the price

-There is a big learning curve to use the stand

-Still not as fast as the Rabaconda

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Kauritmoto tire mounting tool TMT4 Lite

The TMT4 Lite is a small foldaway tire changing stand that is great for people who change tires on occasion at home.

What makes TMT4 Lite stand out?

This tire mounting tool by Kauritmoto sets itself apart from the competition by being the smallest and most portable of the stands. It is easy to quickly pull out in your home workshop and just as easy to put back away. If you are tight for space but need a tire changing tool, then this could definitely be your best option. The TMT4 Lite is best used at home when you are not in a rush. It is designed to make changing tires easy but this does not mean it is incredibly quick to use (it is still of course faster than no stand at all). However, if you are looking for fast tire changes at a racing venue, stick to the Rabaconda.

Main features of TMT4 Lite motorcycle tire tools

The TMT4 Lite stand features a quick wheel size picker which is basically different slots that are numbered from 10” all the way up to 21”. Just set the bar in the corresponding slot to your wheel size and you have a perfectly fitting stand to get the job done. There is a handy tire iron holder to keep your irons from being lost which also allow for easy access when changing the tire. Probably the most important feature of this motorcycle tire changer is the bead buddy and standard pusher. This allows you to simply push the bead onto the rim, avoiding the pesky air tube pinches that seem to occur regularly when manually changing tires. The standard pusher is too big for anything larger than 16” wheels though, so if you are working on small bikes then you may have to purchase the small wheel kit with the shorter pusher.

Pros and cons of these tire mounting tools


-Small and lightweight


-Well priced


-Nothing to help get irons under the bead when removing a tire

-Not as fast as other options

-Small wheel kit is not included in the price

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TMT4 or Rabaconda?

Deciding on which tire changing tool, either the TMT4 or the Rabaconda, you should purchase is a tough choice for anyone. Here is where we break down the advantages of each one.

The Rabaconda Tire Changer

The Rabaconda is built for speed and portability. It is widely known as the stand that is used when tires need to be changed quickly. It is easy to use and does not involve much of a learning curve. If you are at an event needing to change tires quickly, then the Rabaconda is the tool for the job. The Rabaconda is also extremely portable. It breaks down quickly to fit in the included carrying bag that makes it perfect for carrying to events in the back of a truck or van. Even so, it is still great fit for a workshop as well.


The TMT4 Motorcycle Tire Tools

The TMT4 is a little bit more sophisticated than the Rabaconda. Using the stand does involve a learning curve but once you get the hang of it, the stand becomes something that you will wish you would have bought sooner. It is foldable but not as portable as the Rabaconda, making it better for use at home or in a workshop rather than being taken to different events. What makes the TMT4 really stand out is that it allows for changes on small diameter wheels starting at 10”. The Rabaconda unfortunately starts working at 16” wheels. So for mechanic shops or mini bike owners, the TMT4 may be a better fit.

by Tonu Kallast


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